It has been a busy few days. Lewis and I have been working very hard to get the apartment together so Teagan and I can move back home in the beginning of May. So far we have the kitchen, living room, bathroom and living room closet completely spotless. We will be borrowing a steam cleaner and getting the floors completely clean of allergens. Our neighbors also lent us his top of the line air purifier. A plumber came in and fixed the bathroom sink along and put all new plumbing in the kitchen. Another man came into a fixed the windows. He also ordered our us a new front door that will be coming in shortly. Our next plan is to completely revamp the bedroom and turn it into Teagan's nursery. Lewis and my brother in law will be painting the apartment while Teagan and I are in TN. So it's coming along!
 Teagan took some really good naps today and left me some time to work on some new photo's here they are:

12/16/2010 07:40

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12/17/2010 11:11

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12/17/2010 11:12

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09/25/2012 00:26

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